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Ain't Nuthin

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About Michael

Michael Croan has a story to tell and he lays it all down in his debut album, “Soul Resurrection”. The Roanoke, Virginia, native and former UVa student recently returned to Charlottesville after many years of singing alongside his 2-time Grammy-nominated mother, Rene Marie. It was at her side that Croan began to realize his strongest assets had not yet been tapped.

Around 2004, Croan began writing music regularly and in 2014 he was reunited with his long-time friend Charlie Jones. Jones had a vision and a plan for Croan’s talents and the two haven’t looked back since. They began recording “Soul Resurrection”, enlisting the aid of Charlottesville’s consummate music professionals, particularly producer, bass-player and front-man Andy Waldeck; sound engineer extraordinaire and guitar genius Joe Lawlor; hit-producing songwriter and funk nasty drummer Nate Brown; and the incredibly talented singer/songwriter/pianist Kristen Rae Bowden.